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Complete Pascal (Formerly TML Pascal II)

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The TML Pascal II Reference Manual is available, thanks to Mike Stephens (aka Polymorph), who went to great lengths translating it from French. His Pascal page.

Lim Thye Chean has some fantastic Complete Pascal code examples.

The Programmer's Introduction to the Apple IIGS and the more complex Advanced Programming Techniques for the Apple IIGS Toolbox (Part A, Part B) use TML Pascal examples throughout their text.

Learn Pascal, The Pocket Guide to Pascal, and Pascal Programming are excellent tutorials on the language.

How to Code: Pascal focuses on the aspects of writing quality code.

The Syndicomm Online Store has many Apple II programming books available including Apple Computer's Apple IIGS Toolbox Reference volumes and Mike Westerfield's Toolbox Programming in Pascal.

comp.sys.apple2 and comp.sys.apple2.programmer have active discussions on Complete Pascal and the latest Apple II topics.

Kyan Pascal is a ProDOS based Pascal compiler for 8-bit Apple II's.

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