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Complete Pascal (Formerly TML Pascal II)

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Complete Pascal (formerly TML Pascal II) is a native code Pascal compiler for the Apple IIGS which provides an elegant yet powerful programming environment that lets you write, edit, compile and run applications and desk accessories using the Apple IIGS Toolbox with incredible speed and simplicity, Complete Pascal also allows the programmer to write "textbook" programs which do not require knowledge or use of the Toolbox - an excellent means of learning Pascal. The language is solidly based upon the American National Standard for the Pascal Language with numerous extensions for programmers accustomed to other Pascal implementations, thus achieving the greatest amount of compatibility possible.

Complete Pascal is implemented as an integrated development environment which includes a multi-window mouse-based text editor, Pascal compiler, linker, and resource editor. The language supports separately compiled units, Pascal strings, random disk I/O, and standard subroutines such as MoveLeft, FillChar, etc. that are found in UCSD Pascal implementations such as Apple Pascal. Language features from the Macintosh version of TML Pascal such as type casting, bit operations, CYCLE and LEAVE statements, and many more are included.

Complete Pascal runs in full 16-bit native mode under GS/OS taking full advantage of the features and capabilities specific to the Apple IIGS. Unrestricted access from Pascal is provided to every routine of the Apple IIGS Toolbox as well as to GS/OS and its resources enabling programmers to develop stand-alone GS/OS applications (either text mode or graphical) as well as CDA and NDA desk accessories.

In addition to developing applications which take advantage of the Apple IIGS Toolbox, Complete Pascal allows you to develop "plain vanilla" or "textbox" applications. This feature enables you to enter programs directly from textbook examples and compile them. In this environment, Complete Pascal provides a 20 row by 80 column console window in Super Hi-Res 640 Mode which behaves as a standard CRT terminal.

In order to use Complete Pascal, you'll need an Apple IIGS with at least 768k of memory, one 3.5" disk drive, and GS/OS System 5.0.4 or higher. A hard disk is recommended. Complete Pascal is compatible with all known Apple IIGS emulators.