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Complete Pascal (Formerly TML Pascal II)

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Complete Pascal 2.0 is the final version of an Apple IIGS Pascal programming development system first created by TML Systems. The original version of this software, TML Pascal, was released in 1987. It further evolved into the GS/OS based TML Pascal II and later became Complete Pascal when Complete Technology, Inc. took over development of TML's Apple IIGS product line in 1990. Unfortunately, soon after the release of Complete Pascal 2.0 in 1991, the offices housing Complete Technology, then based in Denver, burned down, putting an unfortunate end to its operations.

On April 22, 2009, Vince Cooper, the copyright holder and author of Complete Pascal, granted free distribution status for the software and associated materials providing that it would never be sold.

Following is a list of the known chronology of major revisions of this software:

  • TML Pascal 1.0  (1987)
  • TML Pascal 1.1  (1987)
  • TML Pascal 1.5  (1988)
  • TML Pascal II 1.0  (1989)
  • TML Pascal II 1.1  (1989)
  • Complete Pascal 1.0  (1990) = TML Pascal II 1.1 w/minor editor fixes
  • Complete Pascal 1.1  (1990/1991)
  • Complete Pascal 2.0  (1991)